1. Love and Respect your child.
2. Treat your child in the same manner as you would treat an adult.
3. Do not beat,scold or abuse them.
4. Do not compare your child with other childern.Remember each child is a unique individual and developes at his own pace.Hurrying up the child to grow or learn faster will only harm the child’s development.
5. Allow freedom within limits.
6. Do not expect your child to do so something that you are not prepared to do yourself. e.g. Stay away from TV and any other gadget while eating food.We are role model for them.
7. Do not be concerned about the quality of your child’s performance.

  1. Be patient, and as far as possible try to answer all the questions that your child asks.If you do not know the answer, tell them that you will find out and tell later.
  2. Allow your child to take his own time in doing things,such as dressing up,eating and washing
  3. Do not interrupt them or hurry them up. Otherwise they cannot develop their skill of concentration which is the most important tool for learning.
  4. Do not exhibit emotions that are unpleasant such as anger and greif in front of your child.
  5. Do not speak ill of someone in your child’s presence.
  6. Always use postive words negative words have negative impact on child.

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