Simple ways to make bath time fun where your child can play and learn.

  1. During your child’s bath you can play with bubbles. Show him how to make big bubbles and small bubbles.You can see your reflection in the bubbles.2e8ae64643a0860ae43f77f5c0336cb3
  2. While giving bath,pour water on him that is at different temperatures and let him tell you whether it is hot,cold,very cold or warm.
  3. During your child’s bath,give commands such as: scrub your fingers,scrub your neck,scrub your knees and scrub your hands.
  4. Introduce new words gradually such as chin,upper arm,forehead and ankle.

Your Toddler’s Outdoor Activities to have Fun in Garden.

  1. Watering the plants.bees_children
  2. Removing dried up leaves.
  3. Introduce new names such as shrubs,trees,manure and weeds.
  4. How to plant them.
  5. Insects and bugs which they see on these plants.