Clavicular breathing is part of  ribcage expansion breathing.Which is considered to be last  phase of lung/ribcage expansion breathing.
In order of phase it come next to Thoracic breathing.
Clavicular breathing function in upper lobes of lungs , with help of neck , breastbone and throat muscle the ribs and collar bone pulled upwards.

When we use?

Clavicular breathing are preformed by our body  under extreme physical challenging tasks or respiration related disease.
Purpose of Clavicular breathing here is consciously perform it to increase control over upper lobe of lungs.

How to perform

  1. Lie in shavasana and relax the whole body.
  2. Concentrate on your breath for some time and then move focus to the sides of chest.
  3. Perform Thoracic breathing. for a few minutes.
  4. Inhale deeply  and try fully to expand the ribcage.
  5.  Inhale a little more until expansion is felt in the upper lobes of the lungs near the base of the neck.
  6. Move shoulders and collar bone slightly upward while expanding the upper lobes of lungs.Do not make effort , try to sync with inhaling.
  7. Exhale slowly, first releasing the lower neck and upper chest, then relaxing the rest of the ribcage back to its starting position.
  8. Continue for a few more breaths, realize the changes in different part of body breathing.
  9. Once again watch the spontaneous breathing pattern.
  10. Bring the awareness back to physical body as a whole.
  11. Be awake towards the surroundings and slowly open the eyes.


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