Doctor vs Healer(Unknowing to know)

As much as we can ignore , we encounter daily with new planetary and human  crisis. As global temperature is rising, our wild places are getting destroyed,countless species and plants have  been lost, it is irrevocable damage to our nature and our relation towards nature is also been lost. As we are moving towards modernization we are losing the touch towards nature and making us more mechanical world. We are losing compassion towards human itself. Why we are still not able to find cure for some disease. Is the cure available in nature itself.

I want to share a real life awakening happened  to my  friend, he is a profound  software engineer, who used to work hard even though having highly level of stress. He was facing major personal issue in his life .His wife was having physical problems and not able to do any kind of activities. My friend had gone through all medical treatment avail for her wife that include yoga, Ayurveda, modern medicine and all alternative medicine. His family as whole is struggling for years now. Then one of my colleague suggest him about a Healer. That day on his life got completely  changed. Healer had able to cure irremediable disease of his wife. Now he had engaged himself with Healer to help other people and families who are struggling like his family did.

Healers are different from Doctor.


Primarily doctor means  is a person who practices medicine to treat illness and injuries. The role of doctor diagnose and fix inner and physical functionality Issue of patient. Majorly  doctor prescription based on scientific approach of modern science, it do not constitute the nature and spiritual part of it. They use systematic chemical to fight against disease. It is very difficult to live longevity life  in this world without a emergency medicine and diagnostic tools.


The word heal derives from the English word Hoolan which also implies “wholeness”. The idea of healer is that human body and cosmos are interconnected.If there is a obstacle in the path of interconnection, people will suffer with disease.Healer which healer you soul rather curing you physical disease. In spiritual world every living and non living thing in world has power to heal you.

If you visit small villages where there are lack of medical facility, you may find some people who are not from medical background are illiterate but still have power to heal people. How is this possible nature had provide cure for everything.

How Doctor and Healer Works

In modern medical science, scientific had proves that imbalance of mind leads to medical issues.Doctor identify physical illness, cure physical illness which edge to balance mind, balance mind  further leads to curing of soul.

Physical ->Mind->Soul

But technique of Healer is completely opposite to what medical science following. In spiritual world (cosmos world)Imbalance of soul succumb to asymmetry of mind, Imbalance of mind sparks physical issue. If you heal your soul that will cure all irremediable disease.


A simple example Healer move from inside house to the outside of house where we know which way we need to go and we know about environment and obstacles inside in house, so it is easy to move outside.

Doctor follows outside to inside way where they do not know about the path and challenges which they need to follow to cure the soul as they are moving from know to unknown world.

Doctor can be Healer too, if they change there approach towards the  curing for disease.

Things that we can’t explain in modern science Unknowing we are moving towards know (nature).
So if you are struggling with your life and getting incurable disease then you can go and consult Healer.

Some people market himself as healer be aware of those people.Generally Healer are those people mostly they do not market themselves.Real time people who’s disease had been cured will be marketing  these people.