Gajar Ka Halwa – The Dessert of Winter

Let us moves to one of  my favorite dish, for which we will be waiting for winter to arrive .It is one of the best sweet dish of India “Gajar Ka Halwa” .It  is a sweet dessert pudding originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated mainly with the North India and Pakistan.. Some like it hot, some like it cold, You can preserve it for 1-2 week.

We will be preparing this dish with traditional ingredients.This traditional recipe uses just whole milk,Malai and Natural brown sugar to make the halwa. We don’t need to have khova/mava or condensed milk to make Gajar(carrot) halwa. It is important to buy tender and juicy carrots so that they are easy to grate and tasty.

We will be preparing this dish in three simple steps

  1. Boil Milk.
  2. Cook Carrot.
  3. Garnish and ready to serve.


1.Carrots 1 kg(Red).
2.Milk 1 liter.
3.Natural Brown sugar 1 cup.
4. Malai 1/2 cup.
5. Almonds (Badam) (chopped 7-8).
6.Cashew (Kaju) (chopped 7-8).
7.Raisin (kismis) (Soaked 10-15).
8.One Scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream.

Preparation Method

Step 1 Boil milk over high heat flame.

Step 2 Cook Carrot(Gajar)

  1. Add grated carrot and saute.

2. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes.

  1. Reduce the milk by 1/4 then add   1/2 cup of malai.

4.Reduce the milk to 3/4 then Add 1 cup of sugar  stir it.

5. Add Almonds.

6. Add Cashews.7.Continuous stir it till halwa is cooked(all milk and water of carrot exhaust and mixture will become thick).

8.Add Raisin (kismis) and take it off the flame.

Step 4 Garnish and Serve.

Take Halwa garnish it with Cashew and  Almonds.

Now Halwa is ready to serve.

Take Hot halwa in bowl and serve it  Vanilla flavor ice-cream.

Some Tips

  1. Instead of Mawa use malai.
  2. We can replace sugar from Natural Brown Sugar, it will taste more and also has low calories count.
  3. It is important to buy tender and juicy carrots so that they are easy to grate and more tasty.
  4. When we serving it with ice-cream serve when halwa is hot.
  5. Take a thick base Karahi.
  6. Try only plain flavor of ice-cream, so that Halwa flavor remains.
  7. Add Raisin in last otherwise your halwa may spoil.

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