Let now move to some traditional dish,Which usually will be prepared in north India at the time of festival of colors “Holi” the dish we are referring here Gujia,also know as Gujhia,Purukiya,Karanji or karjikayi in different part of India.

We will be preparing this dish in Eight simple steps

  1. Roast Mava/Khova.
  2. Mix Sugar and kismis/Raisin.
  3. Kneed Refined flour/Maida.
  4. Roll Patsies.
  5. Fill it with Khova.
  6. Rest it for 2 hours.
  7. Deep fry.
  8. Ready to serve.
  1. Mava/khova 500gm.
  2. Brown sugar 1 cup.
  3. Kismis/Raisin 1 cup.
  4. Refined flour/Maida 500gm.
  5. Ghee as per required.
  6. Milk half liter.


Preparation Method

Step 1 Roast Mava/khova

  1. Take a pan.
  2. Add Mava/Khova and roast it until it will start roasting smell.

Step 2 Mixing sugar and raisin

  1. Take a bowl.
  2. Add Khova/Mava after it cools ,then add sugar and raisin in it,
  3. Mix it well.

Step 3 Kneed Refined flour/Maida
1.Take a bowl.
2.Add refined flour.
3.Add Luke warm ghee and milk and water and kneed it .
4.Make dough of it.
Step 4 Make Paties
1.Take a bowl add some boiled water in it,cover it with Plate and put dough over it.
2.Cover the dough with wet cloth.
3.Make Paties.
4.And Roll them into circle shapes.
Step 5 Shaping Gujia
1.Take a bowl add half cup of water and one table spoon of Maida(refined flour).
2.Mix it will and make liquid paste of it.
3.Take a gujia maker and keep circle on that and fill it with mava.
4.Apply Maida(refined flour) and water paste on outer layer of circle before closing the gujia maker for making gujia.

Step 6 Rest Gujia
1.Keep it for 2 hours in bed sheet.

Step 7 Frying
1. Deep fry in ghee .
Step 8 Ready to serve.

Some Tips
  1. Cool Mava/Khova before mixing with sugar and raisin.
  2. Kneed refined flour(maida) until it become soft.
  3. Always cover dough with moist cloth.
  4. You can give different shape just like samosa paties etc..
  5. Use of maida(refined flour)and water paste is very important ,because of it  gujia will retain it shape, it will not bust open.

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