Some people will learn things fast some people able to catch things very slow. A research shows that major reason for that is linked to the concentration of people, due to high stress level and anxiety people will not able to concentrate in their work they are doing, which would had lead to the incomplete state. In our current education system, children had not been taught how to reduce their stress and anxiety level. While writing this blog I am going back to my memory lane where I had faced similar concentration related issue, but nobody had guided me how to improve my concentration level. One way what I had identify is Meditation ,which not only helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety level but also helped me in training my mind to achieve new heights and confidence.

As parent let us set a trend for our kids to follows, everyday do mediation for 10-15 minutes initially and increase this to 30 minutes later.

Let us bring life breaking changes in our life and also help bringing changes in others life.

“Don’t Practice Meditation Enjoy Meditation Enjoy The Peace That Comes With It”.

Meditation is unbroken and undisturbed flow of a single cognition such as concentrating the mind and giving directions on some specific things. It includes complete awareness of everything, One has to experience it to know exactly what it is. It is a feeling; it differs from day to day for an individual. Every person’s experience is different.

The real purpose of meditation is not just to calm the mind for a short period of time.It is a process in the spiritual journey.Hence consider it as a part of your life.

The culturing of mind is accomplished by focusing of the mind i.e. Dharana initially, followed by relaxed dwelling of the mind in a single thought i.e Dhyana for longer and longer durations leading ultimately to super-consciousness I.e. Samadhi.A progressive habituation allows the mind to remain relaxed during the period of Meditation or Dhyana.

Meditation and Silence

Modern research has now thrown light on the yogic processes especially meditation. Experiments on Transcendental Meditation have shown that meditation can induce higher mental states.

It is shown that transcendental meditation for 20 minutes can give much more rest than 6 hours of sound sleep.

Meditation is a Yogic process of providing deep rest to our mind and body, by allowing the mind to calm down to its basal states.

Features of Meditation are

1. Mind dwells on a single thought of choice,
2. Deep relaxation of all parts of the body,
3. Reduced metabolic rate by slowing of breath,
4. Freshness, lightness and a feeling of expansion at mental level,
5. Calmness , peace and serene bliss, and
6. Continuous awareness.

The benefits are many. Improved Concentration, Memory, Emotional Equipoise and higher creativity are felt.

Simple process of Meditation

1) Sit in Padmasana or any comfortable posture with spine erect.
2) Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
3) Feel the breath – cool air entering through the nostrils and warm air coming out.
4) Start chanting OM mentally. Allow the mind to repeat OM continuously without any break. If there are distractions, chant OM faster, not giving a chance for distractions.
5) After a while the chanting slows.
6) As you slow down the jaapa of OM, observe the gap between two Omkaar. As you slow down further, the gap goes on becoming wider and wider to diffuse into silence.
7) The depth of silence becomes deeper and more expansive. Visualize and feel an ocean of silence with gentle soft waves of OM on it. Now merge into complete silence. This silence is the source of Creativity, Power, Knowledge and Bliss. Remain in this state for a while.
8) From this deep ocean of silence in the heart region, let one OM emerge as an audible sound which diffuses into the entire body and the space all around .Enjoy the beautiful vibrations.
9) Blink the eyes slowly, gently open the eyes and come out of meditation.

To avoid urgency and hurried tendency in meditation

1. Do not expect anything : If you have preconceived notions and some specific expectations from the meditation, that is making you away from it. You are hoping and expecting something to happen.Out of frustration you may leave this practice. Rather enjoy your feelings, whatever it is, may be different for every time.

2. Do not compare : Each time you sit for meditation, appreciate it as a unique session. The stereotype experience of the past slows down the basic purpose of meditation. Then you miss the opportunity of new and interesting experience.

3. Time is not a factor : Think “I have all the time in the world to practice meditation” “I was born to do meditation only” “This is my own personal time and nothing can disturb me” etc.

4. Slow and relaxed breathing : Deliberately slow down inhalation and exhalation to prevent haste and command over.