Natural Breathing

This is a simple technique which introduces practitioners to their own respiratory system and breathing patterns. It is very relaxing and may be practiced at any time.Awareness of the breathing process is itself sufficient to slow down the respiratory rate and establish a more relaxed rhythm with your body.

Simple steps for nature breathing

  1. Sit in a comfortable meditation posture or lie in Shavasana and relax the whole body.
  2. Observe the natural and spontaneous breathing process.
  3. Develop total awareness of the rhythmic flow of the breath.
  4. Feel the breath flowing in and out of the nose .
  5. Do not control the breath in any way, let it come natural do not force breathing.
  6. Notice that the breath as it flow in is cool  in one nostril and warm as it flows out from other nostril .
  7. Observe this with the attitude of a detached witness.
  8. Feel the breath flowing in and out at the back of the mouth above the throat.
  9. Bring the awareness down to the region of the throat and feel the breath flowing in throat.
  10. Bring the awareness down to the region of the chest and feel the breath flowing in trachea and bronchial tubes.
  11. Feel the breath flowing in the lungs.
  12. Be aware of the lungs expanding and relaxing.
  13. Shift the attention to the rib-cage and observe the expansion and relaxation of this area.
  14. Bring the awareness down to the abdomen.Feel the abdomen move upward on inhalation and downward on exhalation.
  15. Finally,become aware of the whole breathing process from the nostrils to the abdomen and continue observing it for some time.
  16. Bring the awareness back to observing the physical body as one unit and open the eyes.


So how you are feeling ???
Are you more feeling relaxed and focused??
Are you feeling more energized??


Focus on natural breathing not only help us to reduce anxiety,increase focus but also help us eliminate disease from our body.

According to ancient books  arrhythmic breathing lead to disconnection between mind body and soul that induce  different organs behave unnaturally and leads to disease in body .

Rhythmic breathing will align mind ,body and soul .

Natural breathing

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There are other more focused breathing that aligned specific part of body.

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