Ragi Hogshead (Puttu)

Now let us merge two Indian dishes together , we are preparing Kerala dish with ingredients of Karnataka . The dish we are mentioning here is know as “Puttu”. Traditionally puttu is prepared with rice , we are making it more nutritious and healthy by substituting it with ingredients name as Ragi(Finger Millet).Ragi will be little heavy and difficult to digest.Avoid having this in night, preferably have this dish in morning as breakfast.

We will be preparing this dish in four simple steps

  1. Roast flour.
  2. Mix flour with water.
  3. Arrange the layers.
  4. Steam.
  5. Ready to serve.


  1. Ragi flour 2 spoon
  2. Rice flour 1 spoon
  3. Coconut grated 1 cup
  4. Salt to taste.
Preparation Method

Step 1 Roast flours
1. Take a Pan.
2. Add 2 Spoon of Ragi flour and Add 1 Spoon of Rice flour.
3. Dry roast Ragi flour and Rice flour.

Step 2 Mix flour with water

  1. Take a bowl mix salt with the water.
  2. Mix water with roasted flours.

Step 3 Arrange the layers

  1. Take the puttu vessel and add first layer of coconut.
  2. Add second layer with roasted flour.
  3. Add third layer with  coconut.
  4. Add fourth layer of roasted flour.
  5. Add last layer of coconut.

Step 4 Steam

  1. Put puttu vessel over  the cooker
  2. Steam it for  10-15 minutes .
  3. Steam comes out from all puttu vessel holes, then it is ready.

Step 5 Ready to serve

  1. Serve it Hot.
  2. You can serve it with Kadi , coconut chutney or  sambhar.

Some Tips

  1. Avoid having this dish in night.
  2. Steam till ,steam come out of all three holes of puttu vessel.

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