Ras Malai

As festival seasons started ,let us prepare some sweet dish.Sweet dish which we are referring here is Know as “Ras Malai” which is one of the favorite sweet dish in India. Malai means “cream” and Ras means “Juice” in Hindi.
Patties cooked in sugar syrup and dipped into condensed milk(liquid Rabri).Let start making this yummy dish.

We will be preparing this dish in six simple steps

  1. Extract  Chhena /Farmers Cheese from milk.
  2. Form Chhena Patties.
  3. Make Syrup and Cook Chhena.
  4. Make Rabri.
  5. Mix Rabri and Chhena.
  6. Garnish and Ready to serve.


  1. Milk 2 lt.
  2. Lemon 1.
  3. Sugar 3 Cup.
  4. Almonds (Badam) (chopped 7-8).
  5. Pistachio (chopped 4-5).
  6. Cardamom powder(elaichi) 1 tbsp.
  7. Saffron(Kesar) a few.

Preparation Method

Step 1 Extract Chhena From Milk

  1. Boil milk over high heat flame.
  2. Mix 1 glass of water after boiling .
  3. Mix the lemon juice,stir lightly till the milk curdles(separate into curd lumps).
  4. Extract Chhena using a piece of muslin cloth and squeeze to remove all the water.


Step 2 Form Chhena Patties

  1. Transfer the Chhena onto a plate and knead pressing with the heel of your hand,till the mixture become smooth.
  2. Divide dough into 8-10 portions and roll into balls and then press lightly to make patties (make patties so that it would not have cracks)


Step 3 Cook Chhena / Farmer cheese into sugar Syrup

  1. To make the syrup ,cook the 2 cup sugar with 3 cup of water and boil it for 5 minutes.
  2. After 5 minutes put the patties into syrup and cook it for 18-20 minutes .


Step 4 Prepare Rabri

  1. To make the Rabri ,boil milk in a deep and thick-bottomed pan on medium heat
  2. stirring till it reduces to three-fourth its original volume.
  3. scrape off the cream that will collect on the sides.
  4. Then add 1/4 cup of sugar  stir it.
  5. Add Almond .
  6. Add Pistachio.
  7. Add Saffron.
  8. Dip 5-6 leafs of saffron into milk mix it and add to the boiled milk and stir it.

Step 5 Mix Rabri and Chhena

  1. Add Chhena patties into Rabri.
  2. Cook it for a minute.

Step 6 Garnish and Serve.

  1. Add Saffron.
  2. Add Pistachio.

Now Ras Malai is ready to serve.


Some Tips

  1. Prepare patties with fresh Chhena.
  2. Make patties without any cracks.
  3. You can use vinegar to curdle the milk.
  4. Wash curdle with water , so that it will not have lemon flavour in chhena.
  5. Let Rabri be little liquid in nature for Ras of Ras Malai.

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