To help child grow further engage yourself with him,spend time with him .There are different ways you can engage with himstory-time_lllkc5

  1. Story-telling and story-reading can be made a regular habit. Let them be short stories to start with and as the child grows up longer stories can be told or read.
  2. Telling or reading stories during bedtime can be made a daily activity. Read or tell only stories that are realistic. Ask questions about the stories that you have told or read to your child.
  3. Singing songs and rhymes along with your child helps your child to learn new words and prepare him for music.
  4. Have a few picture word books and talk about each picture.
  5. Introduce new words to your child and keep using them in your daily life. Speak the correct language with the right pronunciation and use appropriate words. Do not use baby talk. Speak in full sentences.fatherson
  6. Go for walks regularly with your child. You can talk to him about all the things that are found on the way.
  7. You can introduce new names such as pebbles, bricks, breeze and clouds. Ask questions about your walks during the question game.
  8. Touch your nose, touch your feet, touch the floor, stand on the floor, sit on the chair, sit on the mat, close your eyes, clap your hands.
  9. Take out your family albums from time to time, and talk about past incidents.