Ways To Stimulate Your Toddler’s Senses

Development of senses help the child to identify new things in world and provide more control and self belief.

  1. Blindfold your child and ask him to identify your body parts,by placing his hand on each of them,such as nose,eyes,hair and cheeks.pandora-jewelry-hed-2015
  2. Keep a few objects such as book,pencil,candle,onion,matchbox etc.,ready in a tray. Blindfold your child and give him the objects,one at a time,and let him identify and mention its name.
  3. Have a few things with a variety of smells,such as orange,lemon,powder,coriander leaves and mint leaves ready in a tray or box blindfold your child.Place the things in his hands,one at a time and let him identify them.
  4. Blindfold your child and ask him to open his mouth.Put different thins for tasting,such as sugar,salt,lime,juice and bitter gourd into his mouth and let him identify the taste.
    On one of your walks listen to the various sounds made by different things and identify them.
  5. Blindfold your child and make various sounds using objects made of different materials such as paper,wood.steel,plastic and stone.You can also tear paper,pour water from glass to glass,whistle or scratch on a cloth.stereognostic2-1-of-1
  6. Blindfold your child and you clap your hands,standing at different places in the room.Ask your child to show you the direction from which he hears the clap.