Have you ever noticed what amazing things your toddler is doing in his/her daily activities ??

And what else he/she could do ??

Practical life activities, isn’t it !! Some amazing things that we haven’t noticed yet.

To help your child develop independence,concentration,will-power,motor control,self-confidence and sense of judgment. You can provide a lot of activities in the kitchen. In any house,the kitchen is an important room where many interesting activities take place.

As scientific studies shows that children upto age of six has highest learning capabilities, you can help your child to do the following activities :


  1. Family cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes
    link source : http://www.distrohome.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Cleaning-Kitchen-With-Kids.jpg

    Arranging the vessels on the shelves after wiping them.

  2. Arranging the vessels,plates,etc. from big to small.
  3. Matching the lids to their respective containers, as he arranges them. He can apply his knowledge of size and shapes.
  4. Introduce words such as boil, fry, roast, sieve, churn.
  5. Show him what a teaspoon, tablespoons,etc. are.